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How do you live your best life?

Seems there are a  lot of gurus out there willing to tell you how to make your life perfect. And while I agree living one’s life fully is important, I ask my clients to start with these questions:

* What’s working in your life?

* What’s missing? What has eluded you?

* Does your schedule include just-me time?

* Do you have time to connect with people important to you?

* Do you have life goals and plans on how to achieve them?

These questions help you to get to the heart of what your best life might look like if you gave it your attention. Time slips away into weeks and months, and sometimes years as we take care of everything that calls for our attention. And then suddenly it can feel ‘too late.”

Consider these questions and let them roll around your mind for a while. Next time, we’ll talk about how to define what you truly want.

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