From the outsideCoaching?

It looks as though you have it all.

But, you’re bored, unsatisfied, unfulfilled–and feeling guilty as hell about it.

In case no one told you, you’re allowed to want more. Permission hereby granted to go after your dreams.

It’s time to ignite those dreams and create your Internal Revolution.

The internal revolution begins when you commit to yourself. When you commit to living your life the way you want it to look. It begins within and burns through as you learn to speak your truth.

Time to banish your guilt and shame. Shame threatens to bankrupt your life, and you’ve watched it creep in on a cellular level, because there are plenty of people dying to get what you have and that’s where guilt came in.

But you’re dying inside because you want more.

The hardest part is the numbness. You’re not depressed, you don’t need therapy, you just want to feel something again.

Does that make you selfish? No. It makes you a visionary.

And that thought can be just as scary.

Real talk? When’s the last time you had some of that?

Having dreams bigger than the life you’re living doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything and start over. It doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. There’s no unwritten commandment that says, “Thou shalt not strive to be a better person.”

You can achieve something meaningful–as defined by you. Hike the Andes, put a fashion show together, learn a new language, or attend cooking school in a foreign country.

You can redesign your life one day at a time, without hurting anyone or demolishing what you’ve already built. Dream creation can be chunked into steps that allow you to move forward without losing anything you have.

It really doesn’t have to be hard.


You can make the changes you desire!

It just needs to get done.  

Introducing my 90-Day Coaching Package: IGNITE

Where you learn the art of telling everyone exactly what you want, confidently, so you can truly reach your potential. Making relationships stronger and your business more passion-driven (without the isolation of keeping your desires a nasty secret or feeling unfulfilled).

It doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past. We can’t change that. Our focus is on you NOW. Together, we figure out how to bring back your confidence, your commitment to yourself and your determination.

In 90 days, we will:

  • Cultivate open communication of your wants and needs (bettering your self-worth and relationships)
  • Catalyze your confidence (you want to be you again, right?)
  • Explore opportunities to take risks and celebrate each achievement
  • Stop sacrificing yourself for others–this time is dedicated to you
  • Look at new opportunities with curiosity and excitement
  • Value intimacy and vulnerability in new, healthy ways
  • Ignite your passion to live life fully

Over the course of three months, your sense of wonder and of self will spark into your own unique magic.

We’ll talk and plan. And I will be there as your world begins to open up again.

CoachingIGNITE, my 90-day coaching program includes:

  • One 60-minute introductory call
  • Six bi-weekly 45-minute calls
  • Weekly exercises to connect your head and heart
  • Homework assignments to implement and expand upon our discussions
  • Email support from me for the full 90 days

Once we’re done?

You’ll have a database of new experiences to show you how strong and courageous you are. You’ll have tapped into the things you love, the people you cherish and the business that brings you one step closer to having more than you imagine possible.

While I’ll encourage and sweet-talk you through the growing pains, I’ll also hold you accountable for change (and gently call you out when you need tough love). Because you are brave and strong enough to handle it.

No more muted life.

Girlfriend, you’ll be living out loud! Playing, equipped to dismantle worry before it makes you anxious. Energized and reinvented.

Questions? Contact me at to be sure we are a good fit. Or simply schedule a free consultation.

Ready to sign up now?

Investment: $3,600 


Need time? Three payments of $1250 each)


What are you waiting for? Fulfillment is closer than you’ve ever imagined.

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