How to Create a Life That Lights You Up w/ Hayley Hunter Hynes


There’s a lot to be said for job security, but it isn’t always right for everyone in the long term. Sometimes I encounter people who know what it’s like to uproot and just take off!

My special guest today is Hayley Hunter Hynes, a travel blogger who specializes in event planning and creating experiences for women around the world.  She plans extraordinary trips to exotic countries for women to come together to explore new cultures, cuisines and do soulful, healing work in her artfully crafted retreats.

Hayley comes from a background in corporate wellness strategy, innovation and product development for a national health management company. After reaching the top of the corporate ladder in her company, she came to realize her position wasn’t soul satisfying in the way she craved. So she took the brave leap of leaving her stable position to pursue a more passionate, soul-satisfying path.

At the end of the day, it’s about allowing yourself to step into the life you’ve been dreaming of. Give yourself permission to step into the light that’s been waiting for you because… it’s available! Now more than ever, the world is in need of us giving the full expression of ourselves. Give yourself permission to create the life that lights you up today!


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