Discussing Love and Living Authentically with Mili Metz

Mili Metz is a leadership consultant and military spouse. Her journey through discovering herself in her marriage is inspiring and full of hope. Today we’re talking about the magic of falling in love and allowing ourselves to be our authentic selves. What happens when life throws something in your path? How do we handle stressful situations, self doubt, anxiety and fear around falling in love and finding success professionally and personally? Mili Metz proves the old cliche, “You don’t chose who you fall in love with!” And she enlightens us with a many helpful messages and lessons she’s learned along the way.

Her powerful message for today reminds us to “Bloom where you are planted!”

For more information about Mili Metz’s work, visit swellcollective.org and learn more about the powerful women she infers to on today’s podcast! 

Check out their next big project, “We are Power!” coming out with in October of 2018.

Thanks for joining us today! Stay tuned for more powerful stories and discussions next Wednesday!

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