Giving Up: How Do You Know When To?

Have you ever wanted to give up?

Give up on a project, walk away from a relationship, or just stop doing something because it feels so hard? Giving up can be devastating to one’s confidence. Unless it’s the right decision.

It’s common to want to stop doing something that may not feel pleasurable anymore. And why wouldn’t you want to quit something that may not be paying off?

But should you give up?

Here are some questions to guide you:


  • Is this something I believe in? If it is, why do I want to quit?


If you truly believe in what you’re doing, you keep going. If self-doubt and a lack of confidence have come up, it may not mean that you should quit, but maybe consider how those things are poisoning your attitude.


  • How will I feel about myself if I give up?


Sometimes giving up means you’ve acknowledged something no longer has the same meaning or value as it once did. Maybe you thought going back to school was a good idea, but now it’s sapping all of your energy, you resent the time it takes, and you don’t really care about the degree anymore.

Or maybe you’re trying to get a new business off the ground and making a profit. You ‘know’ these things take time, but you’re struggling. But you know you want this business more than anything.


  • How will it affect others?


Sometimes giving up is something others want you to do. They’re tired of seeing you struggle. Or maybe they don’t understand your dreams. You may get tired of having to justify yourself, quitting might seem like the easiest option. But is it?

Giving up on something we once believed in is a hard decision. I’ve worked with amazing people over the years who’ve given up jobs, relationships, and beliefs about ‘the way things should be.’ Giving up felt like freedom–and for them it was, because what they were holding onto were values that no longer served them.

Sometimes giving up is giving in.

Giving in because of a lack of confidence, self-doubt, and fear of failure. And giving up under those conditions magnifies what drove you to give up in the first place.

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