Interview with Eating Psychology Expert, Jenny Eden Berk

Today I’m talking with Jenny Eden Berk, an eating psychology coach and best selling author of “The Body Image Blueprint.”

Unlike other vises like drugs or alcohol, we need food to nourish ourselves and to survive. So how do we train our bodies and minds to healthily listen to our intrinsic necessity to eat and have a safe and happy relationship with food?  Sometimes we look at food as a project, a chore, or an anxiety attack on a plate! Jenny has years of experience with every diet on the market and has dealt with all the repercussions of each mental and physical rollercoaster that comes with them. But her experience  has equipped her with an abundance of tools for developing a healthy mindset. And she is generously sharing her best result proven tips with us today! 

If you’ve struggled with an eating disorder of any kind, or know someone who has, tune in today for an encouraging guide to redirect your health path. You don’t have to stay stuck!

For more information about Jenny Berk and her health expertise, visit her website,



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