Interview with Women’s Health Expert, Dr. Donnica Moore

Dr. Donnica Moore is a women’s health specialist and advocate, physician educator and media commentator. Today we talk about how she breaks the taboo of talking through women’s health issues on her podcast, “In the Ladies room.” Her episodes include the broadest terms of things that effect the health and well being of women. Everything from diseases and Std’s, to the #Metoo movement and sexual harassment. The concept being that the conversations can be more relaxed and personal as they would be in ‘ladies room banter,’ rather than the stiffness or intimidating environment that a doctor’s office could feel at times. 

We break down the success of Dr. Donnica’s career, all the setbacks, challenges, health issues and failures she had to overcome to get to where she is now. We discuss the significance of failure, the value of taking risks and coming back from your failures. We unpack how the most successful people have experienced the most failure because they took the risks, tried the most things and kept moving forward even when things didn’t work out right away. 

Dr. Donnica also gives us some great insight on the positive impact social media can have when used appropriately and even how she combats the “trolls” in a healthy way!

Join us for an in depth discussion on women’s well being, inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and the power of women supporting each other through all the ups and downs in every walk of life. 

Also check out Dr. Donnica’s podcast, “In the Ladies Room” available now on iTunes, as well as the video version on the Dr. Donnica Moore YouTube channel.

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