Money Hungry with Michelle Jackson

Today’s special guest is Michelle Jackson, a personal finance influencer from Colorado! 

Today we’re breaking the taboo around talking about money! Specifically women speaking up about their salary and claiming what they deserve. Michelle has experienced many financial struggles thought her life including crippling debt and living paycheck to paycheck for many years, as well as growing up in a low income family.  Everyone has a “money story” but Michelle’s inspiring financial journey encourages us all to be brave enough to claim out loud, “I want more money.”

No matter what financial mishaps you’ve had, you CAN clean up your mess! You have to be mindful and present with your habits and patterns and learn how to redirect them towards success. The first step is awareness! Once you’ve taken the time to check in with yourself, you can begin to reclaim your story.

The average woman is widowed in her early 50’s! Michelle encourages women to take money matters into their own hands. Ask for the money you deserve and set yourself up for the future. Saving 12% a year isn’t going to cut it anymore! Michelle discusses her tools and tips to get a grip on your finances and do your future self a favor by getting started now!



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And for Michelle’s recommended read, purchase Overcoming Under Earning on Amazon today!


As always, thanks for tuning in!

Join us next week for an extra special podcast with my inspiring guest, Mili Metz!

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