I help women figure out who they are, uncover their voice, discover their passions and desires, and start taking action on the life they want.

Life Design

I’ve set up a 90 day program specifically designed for you. It’s a process to help you hone in on your specific passion (or multiple passions).

Reignite Your Passions

 I’ll help you learn how to define + connect with your desires. Figure out what you’re really passionate about + how you can do meaningful work with that.

Hello, my name is Dr. Drema Dial.

So busy doing for others that you no longer recognize yourself? Chronic overachiever who lost her mojo and needs a confidence boost (and maybe permission, too) to go after your dreams? You want to make something of your life. Have a career that lights you up, love that fulfills you and a voice all your own. But you can’t imagine how to make it happen.

Already, you give far too much of yourself and still feel empty (rather than fulfilled). What you really want is to feel loved, accepted and supported. (Don’t we all?) To stop being a pushover. To achieve something meaningful. Maybe even to see places, meet new people and explore the world.

A lot of the time, it looks something like this: a location-independent career, service to others, and owning your voice. Because when you’re whole like that, love and success can’t help but find you.


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