“Paris is always a good idea.” –Audrey Hepburn

Something’s missing. You feel restless.

That something stops you from taking the BIG leaps which call to your soul, which call to you to make the changes it longs for, that it begs for.

Imagine your life when you finally push beyond your self-imposed boundaries. The skies open up and rain ecstasy on you, daily. Walking in the park becomes a heavenly excursion. The food you eat explodes with tastes and aromas you never noticed before.

It starts in Paris. Where you taste life as you’ve always imagined it could be.


Our time together is your time to dig deep into what you want, to learn about what has stopped you, and to eliminate doubts and fears. You’ll articulate what’s really important to you, what you want with a fervor so strong it unnerves you. You’ll rediscover YOU and connect with those aspects of your soul you’d learned to put away. No more. It’s time. Time for you to be in Paris.

Time to create the life you know you need. Time to stop wishing and start doing. Our time together sets the tone for our coaching work. Because you won’t be alone, I‘ll be there beside you, both holding you accountable and supporting your changes. You’ll walk away from your time in Paris emboldened for change, with a plan to implement. 

You’ll meet other like-minded women desirous of an adventure in Paris. Who want to reflect on their internal lives in the City of Light. We’ll talk about life and what’s pulling for your attention.

You will become un flâneur, a stroller taking in the sights. We’ll stroll along the Seine and wander the neighborhoods nearby. (You can read more about the history of le flâneur here.) Paris is a city to be walked. Your eyes will widen as you realise you are seeing in person the marvels that you’ve only seen in magazines–or other people’s photos.

Early evenings, we’ll convene for the most French thing: un apéritif at a local brasserie. You’ll discover more about yourself than you thought possible as you engage with new best friends. Having un apéritif means meeting friends and having a drink. It’s a very sociable activity, meant to be shared.

Paris!You’ll experience life as it’s meant to be lived, with a French joie de vivre, reveling in people watching from an outdoor café, meandering down cobble-stoned streets, enjoying a baguette still warm from the boulangerie.

As you return home, your heart will feel full to bursting! You’ve done it, you’ve taken the step you knew you needed to in order to make your dreams a reality. But, more than that, this time you have a solid plan to make it all happen.

So, what’s it all look like?

We begin with a 90 minute discovery call where I begin to really get to know you. I want to know as much about you as I can so our time together is successful. And I want to ensure that you’re on the same page: Exploring Paris while getting to know yourself more intimately.

Next, you’ll get a personalized questionnaire to help me better understand how you think, what you feel, what stops you, what fear looks like for you, what motivates you, who you are when no one’s looking. I want to be able to design a time in Paris that feels like it’s yours.

Then: We meet in Paris! Five days creating your best self. Your time in France is designed with time to reflect, time to connect, and time to revel in all things Paris! This is your time to indulge all of your senses.

What do you need to do? Book your flight to Paris! Pack! All other experiences are taken care of for you: hotel, meals, museums and other delights. (I’ll send a questionnaire to you to ensure your desires are included. Oh la la!)

Over the next 60 days once you return:

Two 1:1 calls to keep you on-track and accountable.

Email support for those burning travel and follow-up questions!


August 28-31.

The deadline to join me is June 28. 


October 2-6.

The deadline to join me is August 2.


$3,497 USD includes your 1:1 coaching times, most meals, museum and sight admissions, métro tickets, and a soirée our last night to celebrate!

Your deposit of $500 holds your space. (Pay in full to receive a discounted rate of $3150. Or pay in three installments of $999.00 once you make your deposit.)

Once I receive your deposit or payment, I’ll send you additional information including what to pack, suggestions for places to stay, travel tips, and information you may want to read about Paris. We’ll plan a time to talk (nous allons parler!). And, if you have questions before you commit, simply schedule a call with me here.


We’ll meet each morning for well-being exercises, then it’s off for the day! Each day will include time for self-reflection and adventures. Travel and Transformation!

I have space for 6 women to join me. Feel free to bring a friend who’s longed to see Paris intimately as well!

See you in the City of Love! I can’t wait for all the champagne, conversations, brilliant ideas, new friendships, and incredible memories that will be made.

About me: Paris!I’m Dr. Drema Dial, a psychologist and life coach. I’m an American who packed it all up almost three years ago and moved to the south of France. I’m a Francophile from way back and attended college in Paris. Paris is home to me in my heart of hearts. I love everything about this magnificent city (except the dog poop but they’ve gotten better about picking it up!). And if you’ve ever wanted to go to Paris and have a lively, engaged time with someone who knows her way around both coaching and Paris, this is your time.