Slow Down and Breathe…

So many people I talk to say, “I don’t have time for me. I have to (fill in the blank with your own activities) … carpool my kids, take my parents to doctors’ appointments, run my business, do schoolwork, go to work, make a living …
So, what difference is five minutes going to make?

A lot!

In our fast-paced world, five minutes is but a blip on the screen. In other words, you have no valid excuse for not trying this out …

Your focus here is on ONE sense: find something to focus on that elicits your sense of sight, smell, hearing, tasting, or touching. Find one thing to focus on for that five minutes and REALLY lose yourself into the sensation. Maybe it’s listening to a favorite piece of music and truly hearing all the notes. Maybe it’s a cup of tea in which you let yourself smell the nuances of your selection. Or a chip of chocolate melting on your tongue as you savor the imagined island of origin.



Why do this?

This is an exercise designed to help you make time for yourself.

And, if you can’t do it, ask yourself: Why is it so hard for me to give myself five minutes every day? Why is that so hard?

Create the life you want to live!

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