Why Change is Difficult–and what to do about it

I was panicking.
My heart raced as I tried desperately to see a street sign, any sign that would give me an idea of where I was. But there were no street sign, none!
All the sayings from my parents flooded my head: “People will take advantage of you.” “You have to watch your back.” “Taxi drivers will take you the long way to get more money.”
And here I was, in the back of a taxi in a foreign country. Alone […]


Change your thinking, even if you think you can’t

What do you do when you first wake up? If you’re like millions of other people, you don’t think, you roll over and grab your phone. Scroll through emails, texts, and maybe a quick check of Facebook.
And when you do?
Your stress level immediately goes up. Your brain lights up with all of the things needing your attention, things you forgot, and you think about the things that have to be done NOW. And you haven’t even gotten out of […]