Ways a Lack of Confidence Affects You

How many things have you not done due to a lack of confidence?
What have you lost because of your self-doubt?
*Missed out on a raise because you were too afraid to ask?
*Let an opportunity go by because you feared taking a risk?

*Missed out on something fun?
Most people have had experiences with a lack of confidence: they remember the sweaty hands, the pit in their stomach, the wish to disappear, the fear that if they tried, they might fail.
When I […]


Giving Up: How Do You Know When To?

Have you ever wanted to give up?
Give up on a project, walk away from a relationship, or just stop doing something because it feels so hard? Giving up can be devastating to one’s confidence. Unless it’s the right decision.
It’s common to want to stop doing something that may not feel pleasurable anymore. And why wouldn’t you want to quit something that may not be paying off?
But should you give up?
Here are some questions to guide you:

Is this something I believe […]


Want to improve your mood?

You know how they say the way to someone’s heart is through his or her stomach? Well it’s true—at least partially. What we put into our stomach has a direct effect on feelings and emotions (just think about the regret you feel after a fast food binge!)
Supporting your gut, heart and brain with body-nourishing foods often inspires a healthier range of feelings and moods. Eating these five mood super-boosting foods can have a strong effect on your current disposition […]