Change your thinking, even if you think you can’t

What do you do when you first wake up? If you’re like millions of other people, you don’t think, you roll over and grab your phone. Scroll through emails, texts, and maybe a quick check of Facebook.
And when you do?
Your stress level immediately goes up. Your brain lights up with all of the things needing your attention, things you forgot, and you think about the things that have to be done NOW. And you haven’t even gotten out of […]


Six Beliefs That Shape Your Mind

“Mind over matter.”
“What you think about is what you focus on.”
Have you heard those sayings? It’s true that what we think about tends to be where we focus. In fact, an exercise I frequently assign clients is to write down three things every day that were good. By doing this simple exercise, you start training your brain to notice what’s good–and to move away from focusing on what’s wrong.
That’s why people talk about ‘mindset’ and beliefs: because what we […]