Are you confused by your to-do list because nothing on it ever seems to get done? With lots of things to be accomplished, all you can do is to stare at your list. The temptation to run away from to-dos can be high but, at the end of the day, those things will still need to be done. 

Here are essential things to consider about “The Art of Finding Time”, or Time Management woman dreaming

  • Resist temptations. It’s easy to distracted by the temptation of other things that suddenly need to be done. If you know that you are easily tempted by distractions, anticipate this happening and make getting your to-dos non-negotiable.
  • With so many electronics available, it can be difficult to set aside the use of gadgets. Modernization brings us convenience, but, for the sake of rediscovering your time, set aside 1-2 hours daily during which you don’t check your social media accounts. Focus on what needs to be done with social media as a reward.
  • Know your limits. If you know you tend to procrastinate on particular tasks, plan on getting those done first. Why? Getting those done will help you feel good about yourself, making it easier to move on to other items.
  • Always choose whatever helps you to attain personal growth. You’re capable of making good decisions. But sometimes we have to remind ourselves of this by getting done what needs to be done.
  • Come up with a final idea of what you want to achieve and what you want to feel. When something gets in your way, stop to ask yourself, How will I feel if I do this instead? If the answer isn’t positive, then you know it’s a distraction.

Through life coaching, you will successfully learn on how to say “NO” to the things in life that aren’t important or aren’t in keeping with your goals. You’ll learn how to give your YES to the right decisions.