You’re thinking about therapy.

Wondering if you should seek out therapy because you’re feeling stuck, depressed, or wondering what’s wrong with you.  therapy

Many people opt for therapy when they need an objective person to listen to them. In fact, this is one of the biggest benefits of therapy: an objective listener who has your best interests at heart. When you talk to a friend or family member, they listen with their ideas about what’s best for you. And sometimes, what they think is best for you is colored by their perception of what the problem is.

People frequently ask me: How do I know if I need therapy?

If you’re asking about it, you’d probably benefit. Here are some common reasons people seek therapy:

  • Communication issues with loved ones
  • Feeling depressed or sad for ‘no reason’ or because of a specific reason (a break-up, loss of employment)
  • Worrying about something repeatedly or worrying about everything
  • Feelings of underachieving
  • Issues within a relationship such as trust, intimacy and/or infidelity
  • Not feeling confident or having low self-esteem
  • Social anxiety, avoidance, or isolation

As your therapist, my job is to listen and help you resolve the/your issue. I use a variety of techniques and my focus is helping you develop lasting tools and resources.

Currently, I work with clients via internet only.

I achieved my PhD in Counseling Psychology from University of Texas at Austin.