How to Understand and Expand our Mindsets

Today I’m talking about how we can alter our mindset to be more productive, aware and creative individuals. I’m dissecting the different kinds of mindsets people tend to live with and offer tips to work on developing your growth mindset for a more fulfilling way of life.

The two types of mindsets I’m expanding on today are Fixed Growth Mindset vs Growth Mindset. 

Fixed Growth Mindset: The tendency to feel that the glass is always half empty. People who are generally distracted and vulnerable about their appearance to others. This mindset comes from a place of scarcity that the world never has enough. 

Growth Mindset: People who welcome challenges and chose to not remain in irritation around setbacks. These are people who acknowledge their challenges and feelings around fear and aggravation, and learn how to move on. Setbacks are an opportunity to learn and grow. 

How do we chose to respond to our setbacks, take ownership of ourselves, and chose to expand rather than choosing to be stuck?

How can we acknowledge our fears and our feelings and look at the other side of them so that we can learn from our challenges and evolve?

Hopefully from today’s podcast you will become more mindful of your patterns of thought and allow yourself to enjoy the process, welcome challenges and recognize the opportunities to evolve. 

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